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   What is a Legal Notice?

  • A Legal Notice lets you, the citizen, know things that may well affect your life! Legal Notices have been used since the country’s founding to keep citizens from all walks of life up to date and informed about government or government-related activities.
  • Today, no matter where you go in the U.S., public notices still serve this very important purpose. Though their format and specific requirements vary by location, all Legal Notices share the following traits:
    • An independent forum – Notices must be viewable in a forum without intervention by the government, such as a local newspaper.
    • Easily retrieved - Legal Notices represent an archive of government affairs, and must serve as a readily available reference of accountability
    • Viewable by all - All members of society – rich or poor, of any race, creed or religion – must have access to Legal Notices for the notices to serve their intended purpose


   Why are Legal Notices important?

  • When citizens are well informed of the doings of their government, democracy can continue to flourish. Legal Notices are the best known and most efficient way for the public to stay up-to-date on the activities of government and learn how their voices can be heard.


   How are Legal Notices used?

  • Citizens use Legal Notices to learn about events occurring throughout their communities, and find out how to participate in activities that serve the public good. All types of events - adoptions, court hearings, public auctions and disposal of real property - are listed for all to see. So if you (or someone you know) is:
    • A property holder concerned about land values;
    • Interested in knowing if your name has been added to a database of unclaimed property held by the state treasurer;
    • Worried if a potentially fraudulent business owner is looking to form a new business in your area;
    • Interested in responding to a call for bids on a public works project; or
    • Concerned about how the government is spending tax dollars;
  • …then Legal Notices are something that you need to know about!


   What are the types of Legal Notices?

  • Legal Notices generally fall into three different categories:
    • Citizen Involvement - Public budgets, notices of public hearings, and notices of proposed taxation or benefits - designed to let citizens hear and be heard in a public forum.
    • Business and Commerce - alert the public to Government contracts and purchases, as well as business formations and other business-related notices.
    • Court Notices - displayed as required to let the public know when officers of the court are engaged in particular actions - probate of an estate or name changes, for example.